Partner with Hotel Manager to boost RevPAG & LTV.

By partnering with us, you offer hoteliers a cutting-edge solution that enhances their offerings and sets them apart from their competition.

Enable your clients to create memorable guest experiences whilst driving more revenue and accelerating your growth.

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Why Hotel Manager?

To create new revenue streams for both your clients and for you.

Whether you’re a management company looking to implement Hotel Manager within your property/portfolio, or a consulting partner looking to expand your practice, Hotel Manager delivers elevated experiences for hotel staff and guests whilst unlocking new monetisation opportunities for your own business.

Establish new lines of business
Capture recurring revenue - including commission, implementation, and renewal fees
Regular updates to new, industry-leading features as we continuously improve our technology
Increase your revenue and global footprint

Why become a partner?

Improve your services

Hotel Manager has proven to drive revenue for hotels. This makes your services even more valuable while it does not cost you more time.

Boost your brand

Gain more visibility in the market through co-marketing and promotional activities that lead to more opportunities for your business.

Grow your business

Access a network of hotel experts, partners, and potential clients - unlocking countless revenue opportunities.


It answered a problem I didn’t even know I had before I started using it.

Scott Preece - Hampton Manor

Delighted to be working with the very talented team at Hotel Manager. This is a very slick and seamless guest engagement solution.

Chris Horn - Managing Director, Gold Key Media

The team have been working extremely hard over the last couple of years, creating an incredible product that is dynamic and delivers instantaneously to its partners. I look forward to being a part of the journey as Hotel Manager delivers on its vision of building the modern infrastructure for a new breed of hotels.

Francisco Macedo FIH MI SJS - Hotelier and Chair of the Institute of Hospitality South East

Programme benefits

Personal touch

We are a growing team and are very close to our customers and partners. It is our aim to build a strong, personal relationship with you and grow together.

Training & Support

We will provide you with the training and resources required to be a Hotel Manager Champion. Go from introducing to implementing with ease with our tailored Academy and Hotel Partner Experience team.


We love our partners and feel they are an extension of our team. Therefore we offer you a space to showcase your expertise and opinions through co-written content.

Monetisation Opportunities

Benefit from revenue share for every introduced property that becomes a client. Also, by taking care of the implementation and training, you can benefit from further revenue opportunities such as implementation and renewal fees.

Want to become a technical partner?

Besides our Partner Programme, we also offer the possibility to integrate our technology into your solution. Interested to know more about our integration or white label possibilities?

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How does the programme work?

1. Introduce Hotel Manager

Do your clients need a solution like Hotel Manager? Introduce them to us and we will be happy to have a chat with them to see how we can help.

2. Your referral becomes a customer

After our demo call, the prospect is interested in working with us and becomes a paying customer of Hotel Manager, thanks to your recommendation.

3. Hotel Manager provides a revenue share on the 1st year

We will pay you a commission on the first years’ subscription of each paying customer you referred.

4. Optional: You take care of the implementation and training

If you want, we can train you on implementing Hotel Manager, so you can support your client personally and create an extra revenue opportunity for yourself (implementation fee).

5. BONUS: Renewal

By delivering an outstanding experience, receive a renewal fee for each client referred by you who renews their subscription with Hotel Manager

Talk to us about a partnership

If you are a hospitality expert looking to elevate your client(s) to the next level of revenue and experience,  let’s have a chat!

Unlock your full potential with the help of our experienced team and multi-award winning technology and increase the value of your service.

Sign up directly using the form, or meet us first for a quick call to find out more.

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asked questions

Who can join the program?

Our Partner Programme is designed for hospitality professionals such as consultants, revenue managers and others working with hoteliers. Our approach allows you to run your own business but increase the amount of clients and improve the value of your consulting services.

How to join?

We would first like to ensure there is a good match between us, so the first step is to get to know each other. In this call we can determine the potential of working together. Apply here and we will get back to you to book a call. .

What happens after I join?

Once you signed our Partner Programme Agreement, we will have a 1-to-1 call to show our product, share how to overcome objections, and how our product helps to increase the success of your clients. Then we share our cooperation on the socials and you are ready to go! We make sure you feel comfortable and motivated on the long term by inviting you to our Slack and organising a quarterly meet up.

How do you track my referrals?

When you introduce someone to us, we create a deal in our CRM and we will tag you. This way we are able to inform you about the status real time and we will let you know once we closed it.