Digitally-native products for a new breed of hotels

Set up powerful products that live on your very own app to supercharge guest engagement. Without a single line of code.

Hotel Manager makes it refreshingly simple

Endless new possibilities. Made possible for all.

All yours

Take back control. Own your engagement channel.


Access modern technology to drive more revenue.


Run everything from your browser, anywhere.

Lightning fast

Everything you do happens in real-time.

Plug and play

Pick and mix all the app products you need for your hotel. Setting them up is a breeze.


Our ready-to-go solution is brought to life with your brand so you have every bit of interface, not another aggregator.

A beautiful and adaptive interface

The app runs out of the box and dynamically self-assembles. Less time to configure your app and more time to focus on what matters most.


We champion user experience so your app will always be in tune with your guests’ lifestyle.

Manage your growth

Use our revenue-generating tools and gain rich and actionable insights delivered straight to you. All in one place.

One mission control

Manage and run your app experience centrally: from orders and requests to branding and payments.

Powerful engine

Our platform is continuously shipped with built-in features available for you to call into play and extend to your app.

Scale at speed

Enjoy real-time performance to instantly receive updates from guests or make changes to your app.